Lloyd Goldwasser

Xenia Meyer

Email: goldwasser "at" berkeley "dot" edu

About Me

I've been a practicing mathematical biologist for many years.  I recently become involved in professional development for K-12 teachers, with a focus on climate change.  This experience convinced me of the need to understand much more about education to be able to help others learn and teach about biology, especially ecology and evolution, and its connections with other sciences.  I have a Bachelor's degree in mathematics and music, a Master's degree in mathematics, and a doctorate in biology.  In my spare time I enjoy music, baking bread, yoga, and biking.

What Attracted Me to DILL

DILL's focus on the classroom is of particular interest to me, since the dynamics in that arena is one of the main differences between doing science and teaching about science.

Current Projects

I'm involved in Randi's Framing and Transfer studies, especially the classroom side.  I'm also learning as much as I can about this field by sitting in on classes and other research groups.

Selected Publications and Presentations

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