Welcome to the Discourse, Interaction and Learning Lab!

The Discourse, Interaction and Learning Lab (DILL) is a research group within the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley led by Professor Randi A. Engle. It thrives through the active participation of graduate students (some training to be teachers, some researchers, and many both!), undergraduate students, and visiting researchers and collaborating teachers. What unites us is an interest in understanding how social interaction, language and others aspects of communication influence teaching and learning, especially in mathematics and biology.

Every Friday the DILL community gathers from 1-3pm in Tolman Hall to give feedback on the work-in-progress of current lab members. Visitors are welcome!

In addition, the lab sponsors a variety of ongoing research projects that lab members can work on collaboratively with Randi. Research meetings for those projects commonly occur on Friday afternoon as well.

Please explore the links and tabs above to learn more!